Residence Director

Residence Director is responsible for the daily operations of the residence and
a professional atmosphere of space and acceptance, challenge, consistency, and
concern, where residents and all who seek our services can begin to heal their
past, deal with the present, and prepare for their future.

The successful
candidate will be a self-starting individual who demonstrates the desire and
capability to work in a flexible and diverse atmosphere, interacting with a
variety of persons from different socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds. The
RESIDENCE DIRECTOR must have the ability to lead and to be part of a
cooperative team in determining and achieving goals, possess organizational and
management skills, and have a comprehensive understanding of the complexities
of the crisis of homelessness.  The
candidate should have professional education of a
or equivalent experience.
Basic knowledge of computer word processing is essential. The RESIDENCE
DIRECTOR must represent the values and philosophy of Bethany House to all whom
she/he encounters: professional, concerned, and welcoming.

                 In addition, this
position requires experience
in residential
programs and in crisis intervention, skill and ability to work with diverse
populations, and a working knowledge of human services resources.

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