Maintenance Technician


 Job Type: Part-time


Pay: $45-60 per hour (Paid as a 1099)


Schedule: 10-30 hours per week maximum 


Who We are:


Retail laundromat company, Clean Rite Centers with 50+ locations in NYC. Looking for part-time maintenance personnel to handle routine maintenance and day-to-day repairs. You will have the ability to set your own schedule and work hours that are convenient to you given our stores are open 24/7. 


Job Summary:

Working as a part-time maintenance tech, you are responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of drains, dryer vents, doors, filters, etc. by performing routine quarterly inspections as well as other day to day upkeep. You will be working independently but reporting directly to your region’s district manager.


You will be responsible for the upkeep of our properties (interior and exterior) including all building equipment (excluding laundry equipment) using your skills, experience and multiple resources at your disposal. You will oversee and coordinate these activities to ensure a safe, clean, and efficient operation.


    1. Handles the purchase parts needed for routine, preventative and emergency repairs
    2. Tracks costs with focus on parts and supplies
    3. Quarterly Dryer Vent Cleaning
    4. Quarterly Dryer Cleaning (Blowers and Thermostats)
    5. Quarterly Drain / Trough Maintenance
    6. Assess and address all interior and exterior maintenance and repairs as needed 
    7. Assess and address the building maintenance and repairs as needed 
    8. Ensure roof integrity is maintained and drains free of debris (Quarterly) 
    9. Respond to all in-store building emergencies communicated



  1. Must reside in borough you are servicing
  2. Must have their own transportation and tools
  3. Basic electrical and basic plumbing knowledge/skills
  4. Prefer applicants currently employed as a super and managing at least 10 apartments
  5. Ability to multi-task and establish priorities
  6. Strong troubleshooting ability
  7. Preferred knowledge of building maintenance to include but not limited to; Electrical, Boilers, Hydraulics, Compressed Air, Mechanical and Fire Alarms

Salary or Hourly Rate


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